Wednesday, 12 December 2012

12.12.12! You were an awful experience.

This could be the most unlucky day for me. Everything is falling apart. Things aren't going how they should've gone. Well, I'll tell you what happened today.

My CS team lost in semis of gaming tournament. It was all going good when this happened. The girl I liked has FRIEND ZONED me. I feel this day was just bad timing instead of blaming it on my luck. Still, being optimistic.

"You never say never unless you die."

That is what I believe in. Well, I don't believe in superstitions but the Indian calendar says this is the most in-auspicious day. Ah! For me, it was one hell of a day, too.

And oh, I stood 2nd in my division. (Commerce) Something to cheer about.

Enjoy your winters, have a good time with your folks, friends, loved ones. I'll be back if the world's still alive on 21.12.2012. Until then, see ya and have a good time.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

If you believe in it!! Go for it.

This is weird; I was spending my days happily until now, when my eyes saw that angel! This just happened to be the luckiest day of my life when I saw her and my happy days are now turning out to be super happy days. I couldn't just stop staring at her. She was probably waiting for someone. I had one good look at her and wished for her.

BANG! I'm in love again!!? Err… previous blog says I am done with my so called true-love. But, I am really trying to think straight here, and I can’t! I pretty much stand by what I have said in the last blog. To be honest I want to see her again, meet her, and be friends with her. Even if this takes time. I am ready, because I believe she’s the one. I have always said “she’s the one” for every girl that I have liked, but this time there’s a strong feeling. Hope that turns out to be true...

Well, if you are wondering what made me comeback suddenly and write this blog then you didn’t understand what I was trying to say above! See you soon, buddies. Take care

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New Phase

After a long break from everything. It's happy to be back! After all the depressing results and all the remarks. I did badly in my HSC and CET. That screwed my chances of getting into my dream Automobile Engineering College locally, sucks pretty bad! But, at least I haven't given it up. I decided to shift from Science to Commerce within the time span of just 1 month. My dream of going into a good engineering college changed to getting admission in Commerce. Commerce is good. I always thought commerce was shit. I was so wrong, pre-judging is bad. Finally I can pursue my Automobile Engineering still as a hobby or just for knowledge but for the time being I am more into Commerce. It has attracted me like a pin to magnet.

College is pretty awesome, new friends, new beginning towards a career which I never thought I would end up ever in my life. I like how my life is shaping now. I see it more practically. Loads of changes.. in me. My instincts says that I should do Commerce and do it sincerely unlike my past results.

The new beginning...
In these past two to three months I've also learnt that love is not what I thought it was. It was just infatuation or attraction whatever it was, it wasn't Love. I don't know why my perception of Love has changed suddenly, my last blog saying about 'Mascara Girl' I was attracted to. I'm sure this is not Love now. I am happy that I realised it eventually. My new road to life has surely changed my thinking..I just don't want more changes in my life. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Don't wanna lose you Love.

It's very frustrating to keep it within myself. I can't tell you that I love you. I'm too scared to lose you. Feels like holding you forever, the pain of hiding it from you and pretending to love someone else. I don't talk to you properly that doesn't mean 'I don't love you'. I just don't want to tell you that I've fallen for you. You won't know that. I like your hair, your smile, your eyes.

My Mascara girl! ^_^

Image Courtesy: Google

I know you have friend-zoned me already, I don't expect nothing. I just want to see you happy, stay as close to you, protect you whenever I'm around you, be with you like a friend, care for you, and be loyal to you. Damn, don't spoil the pretty face by putting on that Mascara. I love you.

Just don't let your smile fade away. Love the Mascara girl.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Come let's TROLL together.

It's been a month or so that I haven't updated my blog yet. I was having my board exams. They were not-so-bad-not-so-good types. The vacation is fully packed with Coaching Classes having all sorts of Test Series, Extra Lectures, Doubt Solving Sessions all together being bombarded. Well FUCK THAT NOW!

Lately I have read my First Novel!
Quite shockingly for some? or maybe not!, It's like I never liked to read any books and stuff but this book was something of my type. The books.

1. She Broke Up I Didn't... I Just Kissed Someone Else - Durjoy Dutta.

2. Now That You're Rich.... Let's - Durjoy Dutta.

These books are quite Awesome. Honestly it's very interesting. I just completed both these books in 2 days each, so quick for my first novel.

Well, Today was April Fool's Day (Troll Day). To be honest I didn't Troll anyone today by myself. I was just not in the mood to do so. Something was bothering me, maybe...

I couldn't play my favourite game (Counter Strike) for more than an hour *Something unusual*. I was not in a mood to discuss. Only a mask would hide all those feelings. That eventually happened in the end. Well now I'm happy, I was just waiting for someone's reply. That I did get in the end. Happy now. :D

Happy Troll Day to all my followers, readers, stalkers, friends, whatever... you are. B)

Friday, 24 February 2012

14 years have passed...

The day has always been sad and will forever be. I lost everything, but still I have survived. Every year has thought me something new. And the bond is still as strong as before, it's difficult for me to realize the fact. The things I have shared with you will always be the memory of my past.

I know he's watching me from up there,  I'm proud of myself. And even he might be. My love for him has become more and more stronger. Even after a decade he might have been still the same.

I wish that 
I get the privilege to be his son in the next generation too. May your soul R.I.P. 

- I love you Daddy.